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Candidates Debate Issues

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A candidate’s forum was held at West Shore College Center Stage Auditorium Thursday night. The event was co-sponsored by the Ludington Daily News and the Ludington-Scottville Area Chamber of Commerce with refreshments provided by the area’s Great Start Collaborative. Democratic and Republican candidates from the 101st State Representative, 34th District Senate and the 2nd District Congressional races answered questions submitted online to the newspaper or from audience members.
The event was well attended with over 100 people in the newly renovated space.
In the 101st District, State Rep. Dan Scripps, D-Leelanau, faced off with Ray Franz, R- Onekema. They ran against each other two years ago. On many topics there are clear differences between the two candidates.
Scripps stated that he is focusing on the same three issues as he did the last time he was running for the office two years ago: jobs, schools and the outdoor issues. He feels these issues are important for families. Scripps website is (more…)


Tea Party Last Night

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Last night there was a meeting of the area Ludington Tea Party.  It was a very informative evening!  Our Mason County Sheriff, Jeff Fiers spoke about neighborhood watches.  Sheriff Fiers’ goal is to have many neighborhood watch groups in our county.  There are a few townships such as Grant and Hamlin that have watch groups.  The hope is that neighbors will get to know one another and know there neighborhood so that crime can be lessened in Mason County. (more…)

Not Just Another TEA Party Meeting

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Tuesday night, August 17, we held another tea party.  We had a meeting to learn and teach others about what is going on in our community, state and nation.

Our Tea Party is growing in our involvement in our community. Out of the twenty five delegates elected this month, ten of them are tea party members.

Matt Mauer spoke about water rights tonight. He talked about the Great Lake Compact. This act was approved by the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Bush.  It protects our water. It is not necessary for another water bill. The only thing that the water bill that is proposed by our State Representative Dan Scripps would do is allow the State of Michigan to control our water. Currently the water bill is in committee. More than likely it will stay there. As Ray Franz, the Republican State Representative candidate, warned us the danger is that Scripps is working hard to gain endorsements.

Tonight there were many new faces wanting to learn more about what is going on and how can they make a difference. After the meeting we talked with others and learned how we can make a difference. Let’s not complain about what we have to work with but how can we move forward and create a positive change! We need to work together because together we can make a difference. Yes we can!

Join us at our next meeting Tuesday September 14.  We will have an evening dedicated to the Constitution of the United States.

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Mason County Republicans Choose Delegates for the State Convention

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As Republicans across Michigan gathered on August 12th to select delegates and alternates for the August 28th Republican State Convention, the Mason County Republican Party held their convention at the Mason County Court House.  The primary purpose of the County Convention was to seat Precinct Delegates who were previously elected at the August 3rd Primary Election.  Of the twenty-five Precinct Delegates elected, twenty one were present.   In addition, Linda Koch was voted in to fill a Precinct Delegate vacancy in her precinct while Martha Walker’s, Christopher Spuller’s and Jami Spuller’s precinct changes were approved due to physical address relocations.

Mason County will have seven delegates going to the convention.  They are John Kreinbrink, Susan Sniegowski, Rod Merrill, Linda Devries, Martha Walker, Jim Bachelder, and Jordan Hankwitz.  Kreinbrink was elected as Chair for the Mason County delegates at the State Convention.

The selection of delegates and alternates was done in a proper manner according to Michigan Republican State Committee proposed rules, previous protocol, and methods voted on by attending Party members having such authority.  A secret ballot election was held to determine those selected.

I’m proud of our Mason County Republicans. Their process was fair and we will have  representation at the Republican State Convention. The convention gives Republicans another opportunity to balance the power. The delegates will be asked to vote for Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Supreme Court Justices, and University Board members. The Democrats will have a State Convention also and select their candidates.  The winners of these positions will be placed on the November 2nd General Election ballot along with third-party candidate nominees for the voters of Michigan to decide who we will put our confidence in to work towards restoring our state to the stature it once held in American commerce and provide a desire in people to once again call Michigan their home.

Words Can Make a Difference

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By Kristine Struve

The West Shore Community College Cultural Awareness Team sponsored a public reading of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” recently. Along with the reading there was a slide show presentation of scenes that happened during the time period the letter was written.

The “Letter From Birmingham Jail” was written in April 1963. The reason why King was arrested as stated in King’s letter was “parading without a permit.” King felt that as long as he was protesting peacefully, he was within his first amendment rights, which guarantees the right of freedom of speech. The letter was written in response to eight pastors who felt that King should not take the issue of racial segregation to the streets. In the pastors’ opinion, the issue should be handled by the courts. To defend his position, King writes in his letter, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” King felt because of his position of leadership in the Civil Rights Movement he had an obligation to defend civil rights anywhere in the United States where racial segregation was threatened.

Today in our nation would the pastors feel the same about letting the courts handle issues. Today’s issues are complex. They include abortion, nationalized health care, high taxation, etc. Should they be handled by the courts or should people take the issues to the streets and make others aware of the problems that face our country?

“The letter is both the most important historical document from the civil rights era and a classic masterpiece of argumentative rhetoric,” says Professor of English Seán Henne. The purpose of the reading was to help West Shore Composition Students understand there is power in words. Students should keep this in mind as they write their composition papers. Through carefully chosen words one person can make a difference and change the world, like King did.

Student Senate-A Voice for West Shore Students

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Kristine Struve

Chronicle Staff Writer

The Student Senate is an important part of West Shore Campus Life. They plan fun activities for students, decide how funds are distributed to other campus groups and represent the student voice.

The Student Senate has a budget of $6-$8 thousand per semester, depending on how many students enroll for the semester. It comes from the fee that is collected from student enrollments under student services fee.

Current clubs include Creative Writing, Gaming, Future Business Leaders, PTK and the Law Enforcement Club. Students can voice their opinions at the meetings that take place every Thurs. at 4 p.m. and make a difference. As a result of students speaking out, hand sanitizers were recently placed in various locations on the campus and more benches for outdoor seating will be added in the future.

Some of the issues that have been reported this semester at by students at Student Senate meetings are parking, smoking too close to building entrances and behavioral issues.  Parking has been an issue with the Arts and Science Center building under construction. The most concerning issue are people parking in the handicapped spaces and the spaces not being available for the handicapped that need them. Next Fall the parking issue may be resolved when parking is more available at the Art and Science building.

Bad language, students not taking proper care of equipment in the pool table area, and smokers not following the posted “No smoking within 50 ft. of the building” signs have also been reported by students. The Student Senate is keeping on eye on the concerns of the students.

If you would like to be part of the discussion of the happenings on Campus at WSCC, contact or volunteer to help the Student Senate contact Matt Sanderson at or 843-5937. Your voice can make a difference!

Summer Send-Off

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“Summer Send-Off” for WSCC

By Kristine Struve

Chronicle Staff Writer

One of the functions of the Student Senate is to plan fun activities for the students at West Shore Community College. The Student Senate has planned a week of “Summer Send-Off” fun activities!

April 12 “Free Frozen Treats” will available at the Campus Center from 11a.m.-2 p.m. Students will have a choice of frozen lemonade or a strawberry push-up. April 13 and 14 will feature outdoor activities including a climbing wall and sidewalk chalk competition from 11a.m-3 p.m. The climbing wall will be held on the lawn and the sidewalk competition will be held on the sidewalk, in the area known as the “Student Commons” between the Tech Center and the Arts and Sciences Building.

There will be an opportunity to see a movie of your choice “free” for the first 100 students, on the evening of April 13 at Harbor Cinemas. Beginning at 6:45 p.m., tickets will be available to students with a West Shore ID until the start of the shows or the tickets are gone, whichever happens first.

On April 15, Free Flip Books will be available from 11a.m- to 3 p.m. in the Schoenherr Campus Center. The “flip book” will allow students the opportunity to create a ten-second video on the spot, which will then made into a book. It will only take a minute and a half to create the book. For more details visit